Literary Magazine

Published in June 2012, the work in Akiba-Schechter’s literary arts journal The Jammed Locker wholly represents the diverse student body of the school. From first graders through middle school, from students who naturally love to write, to students who consider writing a major struggle, the journal provides an insightful look at the minds and souls of the students. This was the first time they contributed to a literary journal, and the first time that the school produced one. In fact, most students had previously been unaware that literary journals showcasing student writing and art work even existed, so when the idea to produce one (along with a first-ever Creative Writing Club) was announced, the excitement was palpable.

We take much pride in building community at Akiba-Schechter. Students of all ages can work together to create something spectacular as they did with this journal. As usual, the whole is much more than the sum of the parts. The artwork of a 2nd grader enhances the beauty of a poem written by an 8th grader, as the painting of a 7th grader can mirror the feelings of a 5th grader.

Many thanks to English teacher Susan Dickman and parent Annette Gendler for all their work stewarding the compilation process.